Snapshot – an informal photograph taken quickly, typically with a small handheld camera.


In my work I record my appreciation of nature through carefully considered snapshots over a period of time journeying across the same route of the West Cork countryside. Challenging the idea of the original snapshot I vigilantly capture a series of images on my route, seeing something different every time.


I use photography and drawing in my practice and documentation is very important to me. By recording in my diary I observe the intricate details of the nature I record and press flowers that I find on my journeys.  It was the diary of Edith Holden and Lady Cottingtons pressed fairies by Terry Jones that inspired my love of keeping a visual journal.


The 4’’x4’’ format of my photographs refers to the social media platform Instagram, which demonstrates the nature of the snapshot, but the careful consideration given to the photographs and to the journals are concepts that do not generally prevail in terms of the original snapshot.


Lynda O’Brien




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